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Research: Library Web Pages & Multisearch


Multisearch is a single search solution that provides a one search box to search all of the library resources: databases, books, eBooks, journals, eJournals and theses.  Multisearch is accessible 24/7 on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You may access Multisearch directly here 

Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides access to peer-reviewed articles that are citable and provides a direct link to LYIT subscription based information.

When using Google Scholar on your personal devices, set up the LYIT library link to ensure that you can get access to LYIT subscription based information.  To do this from : 

  • select settings, library links 
  • search for Letterkenny Institute of Technology  
  • tick the box and select save.  

This setting will be permanently saved on Google Scholar.  

Further information on Google Scholar is accessible here.

Library Web Page

The library web page may be accessed directly here or, alternatively, from by selecting student and then library.

Use the library web page to:

  • renew a book or to setup your reading history
  • view newly published material
  • make recommendations on how the library should improve it's service
  • make recommendations on books the library should buy
  • search academic databases
  • view past examination papers
  • view online LYIT theses and dissertations
  • view further information about the library
  • search for books, eBooks, journals or eJournals
  • view contact information

LYIT Library

Library, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Port Rd., Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.  

Website:   Phone: (074) 9186150   Email:


Library, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Port Rd., Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. Phone: 074 9186150 Email: