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Research: Regulations for Using the Library


All students have the right to peaceful, quiet, contemplative study so, no talking in the library please.  This also includes the use of mobile phones; mobile phone use is also prohibited on the back stairwell as the noise can be very disruptive.  Group study rooms can be booked online for group work.  


  • Computers are provided for study and research purposes only and anyone using social networking sites, playing online games etc. will be asked to desist.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted.
  • You must carry your student ID card at all times in the library to avail of any of the services provided.
  • Do not give your ID card to another person or give books you've borrowed from the library to another person.
  • You are responsible for all books borrowed on your student ID card.
  • Books borrowed are subject to recall at anytime.
  • All books must be returned to the book return boxes located outside the main library door and beside the information desk.  We do not accept responsibility for books left unattended on the library information desk.
  • All items must be returned or renewed on, or before, the due date for return.  Fines will be charged for items that are overdue.
  • Students that have overdue books may have their computer account disabled.
  • Failure to return overdue books may result in the withholding of examination results.
  • Regulations may be altered at the discretion of the Librarian.  

Group Study Rooms

In the Letterkenny campus six group study rooms are available for groups that wish to discuss academic topics; four are located on the ground floor and two on the first floor of the library. These rooms must be pre-booked using the room booking page on the LYIT intranet. Meetings and tutorials may not be held in these rooms. These rooms are not completely sound proof so please talk at normal levels when working in the group study rooms.  If you are on campus you may book a group study room here.

In the Killybegs campus library, there is a large group study room that can accomodate up to three groups.  This must be pre-booked by contacting a member of staff at the information desk or by ringing the library at 074 918 6660.

LYIT Library

Library, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Port Rd., Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.  

Website:   Phone: (074) 9186150   Email:


Library, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Port Rd., Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. Phone: 074 9186150 Email: